Especially for offers and AAA

Am I allowed to say no to an offer with a deadline on the 8th of August 2021 or later ?
If you say no to an offer with a deadline on the 1th of August 2021 or later, your priority will be changed from group C to group D and you will lose the right to the absolute assurance for accommodation and you cannot regain this. It is therefore very important that you consider your answer carefully before you answer and that you make sure to answer correcly at the webpage, as you will get deprioritized to group D at the first no answer.

Read more about the requirements for the absolute assurance for accommodation here.
Read more about the groups’ prioritization here.

Why am I no longer placed in the C group?
There are 3 reasons as to why you may have been deprioritized from group C to group D:
  1. You have said no to an offer (see the information above)
  2. You have not answered an offer before the deadline
  3. You have been assigned a contract, which you then have refused later on

How should I prioritize my yes answers?
If you get more than one offer and some have a moving in date before the start of the semester and some after, then you must give the ones with a moving in date before the semester start the higher priorities. If you prioritize, one with a moving in date after the semester start higher than one before the semester starts then you will no longer be able to use the absolute assurance for accommodation until you can move in to your accommodation.

I have accommodation from the 15th of September; can I use the absolute assurance for accommodation from the 1st of September to the 15th of September?
No. The absolute assurance for accommodation does not cover a period of 30 days or less and you must therefore find your own solution for the time between your start of education and moving in date.

How many offers will I get?
You can have up to 2 active offers at a time, which means offers where the deadline has not expired yet. If you do not get any of the offered leases you will receive new offers, but you can still only 2 active at a time. This will continue until you get accommodation or you are no longer eligible to remain in the C group.